Senior Scientific Advisor and Global Chemicals Management Coordinator, Material Stewardship

Stijn Baken

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Based in Europe

Stijn Baken is an environmental scientist and regulatory professional supporting the Material Stewardship (MS) team in its efforts to identify challenges and opportunities for copper in regulations and policies on chemicals and pollution. Stijn works closely with the International Copper Association’s network of scientists and consultants to develop and deliver relevant research that he then shares with regulators, consultants and policymakers. 

With a Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering and a PhD in Environmental Sciences, Stijn brings his expertise to his work on the MS team. He is most proud of their recent success in developing a refined test method for assessing the hazards of copper concentrates, which was formally accepted by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). 

A family man, Stijn loves when he can spend time with his three young children cycling and hiking in the great outdoors. 

“Never be afraid to ask anything from anyone. If you communicate clearly, openly and humbly, you can achieve almost anything.” 

Latest Resources from Stijn Baken

Hazard Classification of Copper Concentrates

Stijn Baken

United Nations Globally Harmonized System (UN GHS) and International Maritime Organization transport regulations (MARPOL Annex V and IMSBC Code) To comply with national and international legislation, copper producers may need…

ECI Position to EU regulation on Classification, Labelling and Packaging (CLP)

Position Paper|CSS
Stijn Baken

ECI's position on the revision of EU regulation on classification, labelling, and packaging of substances and mixtures (CLP).

Copper Removal from Natural Waters

Stijn Baken

The removal of copper from natural waters Copper is naturally present in rivers and lakes. It can also originate from anthropogenic emissions, including point and diffuse sources. However, when dissolved copper…

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