Director, Energy & Electrical Systems, Clean Energy Transition

John Hipchen

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Based in United States

John Hipchen works with the North American copper industry through the Copper Development Association (CDA) to bring the value of copper and its alloys to society by focusing on copper’s role in the clean energy transition and creating a carbon-neutral economy. John finds his work with the Clean Energy Transition (CET) team to be especially rewarding when he can expand programs that help ensure copper is used in clean energy applications.  

John’s role requires expert knowledge of the latest technologies for generating clean energy, as well as the most efficient use of energy in critical applications, such as transportation. He is proud of the growth of the Electric School Bus Coalition, which promotes a technically and economically viable alternative to diesel-powered school buses, limiting children’s exposure to health risks connected with diesel emissions.  

With a special interest in clean vehicle technologies, John enjoys learning about new electric vehicles and advancements in energy storage, as well as going off-grid on bicycle trips.  

“As our world continues to undergo change, especially in the way we generate and use energy, there seems to be no end to the solutions copper can provide.” 

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