Vice President, Strategy and Operations

Géraud Servin

Based in Europe

Géraud leads ICA’s strategy and operations, assisting the International Copper Association’s (ICA) president in driving the organization’s vision, mission, goals and resource requirements. Passionate about the people he works with, Géraud aims to provide the staff with strong day-to-day leadership, fostering coordination and collaboration among staff in all regions and all programs. 

Géraud’s favorite projects were the creation of the copper stocks and flows model, which provides data on copper recycling, and the Sustainable Development (SD) indicators, which measure the collective performance of ICA members on SD. He is also proud to have led ICA’s efforts to refocus and align the regional operations to make ICA a more valued organization. When not working on strategic development, he spends his time playing tennis, cooking and reading science-fiction novels.   

Copper is infinitely recyclable without losing any of its properties—a fantastic quality for a material!” 

L'ICA dispose d'une équipe engagée de défenseurs, de scientifiques et d'experts du marché qui conseillent les décideurs politiques et la chaîne de valeur sur les questions clés pour l'industrie du cuivre.