Chef d'équipe Asie

Ben Liu

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Based in Asia

Benjamin “Ben” Liu works as the International Copper Association’s (ICA) director of the Material Stewardship (MS), Public Affairs (PA) and Industry Engagement (IE) Teams in Asia. In this role, he integrates these three functions, supporting the development of scientific research with the MS team and leveraging this information for advocacy work with PA. Through IE, he gathers feedback and supports the needs of the ICA members and the wider Chinese copper industry, which then informs the work of both MS and PA. 

By leading and coordinating these three efforts in Asia, Ben has successfully built a cohesive operation, uniting and streamlining the work of ICA in Asia to proactively respond to emerging challenges in the region. With a Master’s degree in Management and Marketing from Jinan University, Ben has enjoyed applying his expertise to developing a sustainability platform for the Chinese copper industry. A lifelong learner, he is currently pursuing an Executive Master of Public Affairs from Syracuse University and enjoys reading and playing basketball outside of the office.  

“With ICA, I’ve trained installers on how to solder copper tubes, made more than 100 presentations to architects, co-patented a process for getting bismuth out of brass and advocated to policymakers. What an amazing journey with copper!” 

L'ICA dispose d'une équipe engagée de défenseurs, de scientifiques et d'experts du marché qui conseillent les décideurs politiques et la chaîne de valeur sur les questions clés pour l'industrie du cuivre.