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Adam Estelle

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Adam Estelle is Vice President of the Copper Development Association (CDA) and oversees several industry working groups designed to bring the value of copper and copper alloys to society including CDA’s Brass Rod, Flat Products, Tube and Fittings, and Scrap Councils.  Adam is also a member of the International Copper Association’s (ICA) Global Strategy Team.

As a subject matter expert on copper’s antimicrobial properties, his favorite project was retrofitting a Ronald McDonald House with antimicrobial copper surfaces to help protect vulnerable children and their families from infectious diseases. He is proud of achieving U.S. Environmental Protection Agency registration of virucidal claims for copper-alloy surfaces, including protection against COVID-19.  

Adam enjoys work where he can solve complex problems, which he has done by forming a new ASTM standards subcommittee on copper scrap and recycling and demonstrating lead-free brass rod alloys can be safely used for drinking water products. Outside of work, Adam enjoys being a dad, playing guitar, playing chess and cheering for the Philadelphia Eagles. 

“Copper is the ideal material for recyclability, and there is so much potential to do more. Closing the material loop has many environmental and societal benefits.” 

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Adam Estelle

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