President and CEO, Copper Development Association

Adam Estelle

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Based in United States

Adam Estelle is the driving force behind the Copper Development Association (CDA) as its President and CEO. With a sharp focus on the needs of global copper producers and their downstream copper-alloy fabricator partners, he leads strategic initiatives to enhance the value of copper in society. His passion lies in unraveling complex challenges, a trait he’s showcased through pioneering initiatives like establishing an ASTM standards subcommittee on copper scrap and recycling, and in demonstrating the safety and efficacy of lead-free brass rod alloys for drinking water products. Adam oversees a high-caliber team of subject matter experts that work up and down the value chain to drive lasting changes in the market while promoting, protecting, and defending the use of copper.

Since joining CDA in 2008, Adam has leveraged his Bachelor of Science in Materials Science & Engineering from the University of Arizona to fuel the organization’s growth and innovation.

Outside of work, Adam enjoys being a dad, playing guitar, playing chess, and cheering for the Philadelphia Eagles.

“Copper is the ideal material for recyclability, and there is so much potential to do more. Closing the material loop has many environmental and societal benefits.” 

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Adam Estelle

Public Health Benefits

Adam Estelle

Clinical trials prove that Antimicrobial Copper® kills 99.9% of deadly pathogens and when used in intensive care units, copper has reduced hospital infection rates by up to 58%. In 2014…

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