Regional Director - Asia

Richard Xu

Based in Asia

Richard Xu oversees the operations of the International Copper Association’s (ICA) offices in Asia and leads ICA’s Market Strategy program. He values the opportunity to nurture the ICA Asia team and create an environment and culture that allows them to grow personally and professionally. Richard is very proud of the growth of the ICA China team in their professional capabilities and market impact and the development of ICA’s presence in India. 

Richard appreciates innovative work applying technological developments to address end-use needs, such as Microgroove heat exchangers, copper die-casting and aquaculture. Through technological advancement, he believes that copper-based solutions will continue to hold the key to sustainable development.  

Outside of work, Richard enjoys cooking for friends and family and the occasional ski trips.  

We can reduce environmental impact through copper-based technologies and product innovation.

La ICA cuenta con un equipo comprometido de defensores globales, científicos y expertos en el mercado que asesoran a los responsables políticos y a la cadena de valor sobre cuestiones clave para la industria del cobre.