Manager (EU), Green & Healthy Buildings

Olivier Tissot

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Based in Europe

Olivier Tissot supports the work of the Green and Healthy Buildings (GHB) program by managing projects related to domestic electrical applications and copper life cycle assessment in relation to building carbon emissions and the legislation of the European Green Deal.  

Holding a Doctorate of Science in Chemistry, Olivier’s interests lie in sharing the technical aspects of his work with EU institutions to create change. As manager of the Forum for European Electrical Domestic Safety (FEEDS) for more than four years, Olivier has developed the forum into an institution that is trusted and known for its technical expertise, advocating for electrical inspection regimes. One of Olivier’s proudest moments was the European Parliament’s adoption of a report on the implementation of the Energy Performance Buildings Directive that included a clear call to action on electrical safety, citing the data and website from FEEDS. He maintains his work-life balance by cycling, reading and enjoying graphic arts.  

I've worked more than 20 years with the Copper Alliance, and it’s not by chance. Copper is so versatile that a lifetime would not be enough to explore all its potentialities. 

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