Colin Bennett

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Based in United Kingdom

Colin Bennett manages the International Copper Association’s (ICA) public market intelligence output, focusing on future material demand and material sustainability. In his role, he brings newsworthy intelligence to the industry and enjoys identifying material trends and opportunities across the global demand market.  

The market intelligence portfolio is based on market insights, and Colin works with ICA’s senior management to include the latest market intelligence in ongoing projects. One of his favorite achievements was origination of the first copper end use data set, which enabled development of the global copper flow model. Looking at environmental issues, Colin is interested in tracking the market development of copper’s role in the circular economy and in mitigating greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Through outreach activities to the media and copper commentator community, he has been pivotal in strengthening ICA’s relationships with leading financial institutions and the press, building trust in ICA’s original research and data.  

When not in the office, Colin’s favorite hobby is currently playing badminton with friends, a change from his longstanding passion for fencing. 

“Our efforts in market research have helped to increase trust in ICA’s brand in the fields of copper research and data.”

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