Dr. Louise Assem

Global Director, Material Stewardship, International Copper Association

Louise Assem is responsible for the development and implementation of the International Copper Association’s (ICA) Material Stewardship (MS) program, which covers topics from health and the environment to sustainable development. As the Global Director of MS, Louise oversees the generation of credible scientific information on essential subjects that underpin ICA’s work and produce consistent value for members and other stakeholders. 

Louise has enjoyed working on the development of a carbon footprint for the copper industry and her team’s collaboration on the Global Copper Decarbonization Roadmap. More than anything, Louise is grateful to have the opportunity to work with the talented individuals of the MS team on a diversity of topics with engaged stakeholders.   

With a passion for health and the environment, Louise applies her expertise from her PhD in Toxicology, as well as her Master’s in Aquatic Ecotoxicology and BSc (Hons) in Chemistry, to her leadership of the program and MS team.