Unlocking the potential of Waste Water Heat Recovery in the recast of the EPBD

Position of the European Association for Waste Water Heat Recovery on the proposed recast of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD)

Waste Water Heat Recovery is an available and effective energy efficiency solution to reduce the energy demand for domestic hot water via the direct heat recovery from shower drains. It can save around 40 percent of final energy and related CO2 emissions from domestic hot water production. Products are available from multiple European SMEs.

Yet, only few Member States (e.g., Portugal, France, Germany and The Netherlands) are considering the benefit of waste water heat recovery within their energy performance of buildings calculation method. Indeed, the EPBD Annex 1 only requires considering the efficiency of the hot water supply and their insulation characteristics. Requiring Member States to integrate the heat recovery characteristics of the hot water system into their calculation method (EPBD Annex 1) can unlock a potential of 4.5 Mtoe, according to a study of the European Commission. The presence of heat recovery system should also be considered into Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) and Renovation Passports (RP).

Our recommendation: Amend EPBD Annex 1, with the addition of heat recovery characteristics in calculation methodology (point 4), and ensure that heat recovery is considered in the planning and optimization of hot water systems.

Read the full position paper: Unlocking the potential of Waste Water Heat Recovery in the recast of the EPBD

30 Marzo 2022

Robert Pintér

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