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The International Copper Association (ICA) is streamlining its brand. Starting 2 Abril, the Copper Alliance name is retiring, and ICA will be the unified name across all operations, symbolizing the organization’s commitment to serving as the cohesive voice of the copper industry worldwide. With this global brand unification, ICA’s dedication to collaboration with industry partners across the value chain remains stronger than ever.

In line with this change, ICA’s European representative office in Brussels, formerly known as the European Copper Institute (ECI), will now be recognized as the International Copper Association Europe (ICA Europe). While the name ICA Europe is new, ICA Europe will continue to be the central hub for collaboration and dialogue within the copper sector and maintain its position as the leading authority on copper in the EU.

“Over the years, we have employed different organization names in different regions. However, our global members know us as one representative voice of the copper industry, regardless of geographic location or online platform”, said ICA President and CEO, Juan Ignacio Díaz. “From now on, we are the International Copper Association or ICA—simply, proudly and everywhere!”

Join ICA as the organizations continues its work as the leading voice of the copper industry at our new web domain: internationalcopper.org.

02 Abril 2024

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