Vice President/Executive Director


Based in North America

Steve Kukoda is responsible for the International Copper Association’s (ICA) global partnerships, working with key stakeholders to make an impact on the UN SDGs. He successfully leads ICA’s involvement with its flagship program United for Efficiency (U4E) and was instrumental in the recent founding of the Cornerstone of Rural Electrification (CORE).  

Steve helps to build public-private partnerships that focus on energy and climate impact, overseeing the process from conceptualization to actualization. Many of his most successful projects focus on energy efficiency, energy access and clean energy financing. As an accomplished public speaker, he is also a frequent presence at public events on the clean energy transition and climate action.  

Beyond global partnerships, Steve also serves as ICA’s corporate secretary and is responsible for member recruitment and retention. Outside of work, he is happiest when combining his love of good wine and traveling the world. 

“Due to copper’s amazing and unique properties, there is perhaps no other metal or material so closely linked to the UN SDGs.” 

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