Project Manager (EU), Clean Energy Transition and
Green & Healthy Buildings

Diedert Debusscher

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Based in Europe

Diedert Debusscher manages projects on the energy transition, focusing on a strategic roadmap for energy efficiency and smart buildings using copper solutions. His research and advocacy efforts have supported the Clean Energy Transition (CET) and Green and Healthy Buildings (GHB) programs to achieve sustainability goals. The mandatory requirements to equip large buildings in Europe with building automation were a clear result of the European Copper Institute’s (ECI) advocacy campaign. 

A believer in the transformational power of organizations, Diedert is committed to connecting technologies, policies and markets. He is especially proud of his contribution to the DecarbEurope campaign in which 20 sectors collaborated to create a cross-sector roadmap for a low-carbon economy.  

An engineer by trade, Diedert loves any chance to connect his work with people-oriented activities. He is passionate about communication and hosts his own podcast in Dutch on sustainability.  

“Copper connects—not only on a technical level (as the best electrical conductor) but also in society. Copper is the backbone material for many solutions necessary to the energy transition and the circular economy.” 

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