The International Copper Association Aids Implementation of China’s Dual Carbon Targets



In 2020, the Chinese government announced its “dual carbon” goals, which involve reaching peak carbon emissions by 2030 and achieving carbon neutrality by 2060. Through collaborations with government and key stakeholders, the International Copper Association (ICA) has taken the initiative to support the implementation of the targets through its expertise in green technologies and clean energy.

ICA research contributes to green development standards for buildings, industry and smart parks

Developing a new standard for real estate carbon emissions

Real estate projects totaled $15 trillion in 2021. These real estate investments need to account for carbon emissions related to their materials, technology and energy use throughout the building’s construction and expected usage. Multiple ICA projects, including work on copper cables, transformers and green energy, contributed data needed to implement green energy in the real estate sector. These projects have also led to increased collaboration with China’s top 30 real estate enterprises, with recognition from the Chinese construction and real estate industry associations.

The China Building Energy Conservation Association and the China Real Estate Association invited ICA to join the initial meeting of the new Chinese group standard preparation team. The new standard for the “Guidelines for Carbon Neutral Evaluation of Real Estate Enterprises” will fill the gap in the identification and evaluation of the real estate industry’s carbon emissions and promote green development. According to the group’s mission, the new standard should also lead the construction sector to “raise standards, increase efficiency, save energy and reduce carbon,” and help the construction industry achieve carbon neutrality as soon as possible.

Developing green transformer manufacturing standards

Efficient distribution transformers help maintain a low-carbon, reliable, cost-effective power supply. However, the transformer manufacturing industry needs to produce these transformers in a responsible and energy-efficient way.

ICA’s Project Manager for High-Efficiency Transformers, Zhang Lingyu, participated in the review of China’s standard for the “Green Factory Evaluation of the Transformer Manufacturing Industry.” The standard requires transformer companies to consider environmental impact, waste recycling and carbon emissions in their selection of raw materials and in their production processes.

In addition, ICA supported the development of a “Green Energy-Saving Transformer Application” guide to assist the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in its three-year transformer upgrade plan and provide guidance for the selection of transformers for industry users.

ICA project manager helps lead “The Road to China’s Smart Park”

As a proponent of the International Electrotechnical Commission’s (IEC) smart city resilience standard in China, ICA actively promotes the concept of power resilience in smart parks to enable access to technology in public spaces. Through the work of the China National Information Technology Standardization Network, China’s Smart City Standards Working Group organized a group of experts to advise on the “Standardization and Sustainable Development of China’s Smart Parks.”

As a member of this expert group, ICA Project Manager of Electrical Safety, Zhang Wei, was appointed Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the publication “The Road to China’s Smart Park,” which provides research and technology guidance to support the standard and best practices for park planning and design.

Through its role in the standard support group, ICA promotes the integration of renewable energy power, microgrids, energy storage and terminal energy electrification in smart parks to achieve carbon neutrality in China while maintaining quality of life.

Floating wind turbines installed offshore. Alternative energy source

ICA promotes the adoption of safe and clean energy technologies

Advocating for safe and efficient offshore wind power with the Chinese Wind Energy Equipment Association

ICA and the Chinese Wind Energy Equipment Association hosted the inaugural meeting of the offshore wind power electrical technology and safety working group to promote the adoption of high voltage collector lines for wind power. Participants from across the entire industrial chain for offshore wind power included representatives from plant ownership, main engine and electrical equipment plants, as well as design, operation and maintenance units. The group discussed the promotion of the 66kv collector line to improve energy efficiency and energy storage from wind power.

The 66kv line technology can increase the line transmission capacity, amplify the use of high-power turbines and reduce the total cost of wind farm investment. Increasing voltage levels can also provide greater flexibility in collector line route planning. Copper’s natural reliability, safety and efficiency make it the material of choice for collector line systems, fans and transformers with high voltage levels.

Endorsing innovation in new energy vehicle technology

The next generation of green energy technologies was on display at the Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Center. The Shanghai Science and Technology Commission called for innovative project proposals to fund new energy vehicle (i.e., electric vehicle [EV]) technologies, and ICA’s Project Manager of New Energy Vehicles, Huang Ting, was invited to lend his expertise to the project review.

While supporting the development of these modern technologies, ICA promoted the use of copper in electric vehicles. As the best nonprecious conductor of heat and electricity, copper is a key component in EV technologies such as copper rotor motors, low voltage wire harnesses and copper windings.

Revitalizing rural housing with safe electricity

To revitalize rural areas, China’s government has launched the national standard for rural housing design, co-edited by ICA, to improve rural living conditions while remaining carbon conscious. ICA helped compile the “Common Standard for Rural Low-Voltage Electrical Safety” to guide the development and design of power systems to provide safe, low-voltage electricity, which will be key to providing resilient energy access for rural environments.

Worldwide, nearly 70 percent of copper produced is used for electrical conductivity applications and communications. Safe access to energy-efficient electricity can ensure the safety of the user and help create a low-carbon power system, which will play an essential role in meeting China’s dual carbon targets.



The International Copper Association (ICA) brings together the global copper industry to develop and defend markets for copper and make a positive contribution to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., ICA has offices in three primary regions: Asia, Europe and North America. ICA and its Copper Alliance® partners are active in more than 60 countries worldwide.


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