Health & Environmental Science Manager

Yamini Gopalapillai

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Based in North America

Yamini Gopalapillai tracks emerging issues and manages research projects supporting International Copper Association’s (ICA) priorities related to protecting human and environmental health. Yamini loves the opportunity to work with a global team with a shared mission to promote health and safety. With no two days alike, she appreciates the ever-evolving nature of her projects. 

Out of all her projects, Yamini is most excited about developing scientific support for the copper occupational exposure limit, which she cites as her most challenging and impactful project to date. In 2021, Yamini was certified as a Diplomate of the American Board of Toxicology, which required her to demonstrate competence in the entire field of toxicology. Holding a PhD in Environmental Sciences with a specialization in Toxicology, Yamini brings her expertise to her work on the Material Stewardship (MS) team and was proud to be able to expand her knowledge as the lead in ICA’s occupational exposure limit (OEL) project.  

“You never know where life will lead. I did what felt right at each step of my career, and my dream job found me.” 

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