Program Manager (US), Material Stewardship

Erin Smith

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Based in United States

Erin Smith implements North American projects on a wide array of scientific matters pertaining to health, environmental science and safety through the Material Stewardship (MS) program. A scientist at heart, she appreciates the opportunity to grow professionally through continuous exposure to new projects and ideas, as well as the expertise and global perspectives of her colleagues.  

Erin’s specializes in applying her scientific training to complex issues critical to business operations. She is especially proud of her work leading to the sampling, processing and analysis of benthic invertebrates (e.g., insects and freshwater mussels) in a local aquatic ecosystem, which allowed copper industry companies to better understand the impact of their operations.  

Erin is always happy to start a dialogue and facilitate learning about copper’s many applications and benefits to societal development. Through knowledge sharing and discussion, she hopes that collaboration between the copper industry and external stakeholders will lead to innovative and exciting solutions for sustainable development.

“Copper is essential to life, both biologically and societally.” 

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Erin Smith

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