Project Manager, Renewable Energy (Asia)

Danny Wang

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Based in Asia

Danny Wang promotes copper’s solutions for renewable energy generation in the Chinese, Japanese and Korean markets. A champion of copper’s role in the clean energy transition, Danny works to create an energy system that will support green development.  

As a trained engineer who also holds an MBA, Danny applies his specialized expertise to his targeted work in the wind power industry. Danny has co-authored more than five different national technical standards on wind power generation in China. He has also established and led two different working bodies: the Cooperative Organization of Direct-Drive Wind Turbine Manufacturers and the Distributed Wind Power Generation Working Group. He serves as the Deputy Secretary-General of the Chinese Wind Equipment Association and as a member of the Global Wind Energy Council and the Chinese National Standardization Technical Committee of Wind Machinery.  

When not working on renewable energy projects, Danny can be found jogging, reading books, watching movies and going for drives. 

“With copper, we can use renewable energy to create an environmentally-friendly energy system for all human society.” 

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