Director, Climate and Sustainability, Clean Energy Transition

Anna-Maria Karjalainen

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Based in Europe

Anna-Maria Karjalainen leads the International Copper Association (ICA)’s climate and sustainability work in Europe. In this role, she promotes copper markets in the clean energy transition and identifies opportunities and challenges for copper arising from EU policymaking and regulations.  

With more than 15 years of experience working with EU policymaking, Anna-Maria still finds the legislative process fascinating. Anna-Maria has led EU engagement campaigns for many sectors, from raw materials to financial services, giving her a well-rounded perspective on how the copper industry can work to make its voice heard in the EU process. With ECI, she is focusing on EU climate and energy policy, with specific attention on the “Fit for 55” legislative package and the proposals to revise the EU Emissions Trading System and set up a Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism. 

“Decarbonization is center stage on the EU’s political agenda today, and the copper industry has a lot to contribute to this agenda. But, as Europe moves toward more holistic policymaking, it’s important to look at sustainability in a broad sense without forgetting the other facets of Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG).”

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Anna-Maria Karjalainen

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Anna-Maria Karjalainen

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