President, Copper Development Association

Andrew Kireta Jr.

AKiretaJr (1)
Based in United States

Andy Kireta, Jr., serves as the President of the Copper Development Association, the International Copper Association’s (ICA) strategic partner in North America, where he works to develop and execute strategy at the intersection of the needs of global copper producers and their downstream copper and copper-alloy fabricator partners. 

Andy most enjoys work where ICA’s programs affect change that is equally valuable to copper’s end users as it is to ICA’s members, connecting advocacy to direct market action. To do so, he supports a North American team that brings subject matter expertise to copper product markets and policy direction to ICA’s strategic programs. 

Outside the office, Andy loves activities combining two of his passions: his family and Purdue University sports. An avid runner, Andy regularly completes long-distance races, such as the NYC and Boston marathons, and recently finished his first 50-mile race.

The best early life advice I ever received was that if something is worth doing, it's worth doing right.” 

ICA has a committed team of global advocates, scientists and market experts who advise policymakers and the value chain on key issues for the copper industry.