ICA Europe Policy Priorities 2024-2029

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🇪🇺 Europe needs a strong industrial policy 🏭

This industrial policy should address strategic net-zero value chains, from raw materials like copper to clean technologies like wind, solar, and heat pumps. It should facilitate the right conditions for investing in strategic raw materials needed to deliver a climate-neutral and resilient Europe.

ICA Europe members are committed to delivering more copper mining, copper recycling and copper refining capacity in Europe and abroad in order to deliver the copper needed for the energy transition.

For this to happen, we have identified five key proposals for the next EU Commission and EU Parliament. These proposals relate to the industrial policy, the regulatory environment, the implementation of the Critical Raw Materials Act, the access to energy, and the market outlook for clean technologies.

About ICA Europe

Based in Brussels, the International Copper Association (ICA) Europe is the leading advocate for the copper industry in Europe. As ICA’s European branch, the organisation represents companies that mine, smelt and recycle copper for use across the economy, in the electricity system, buildings, transport and industry. Through a team of policy, industry and scientific experts, ICA Europe promotes copper as an essential material for achieving the EU’s ambition of a resilient, climate-neutral Europe and seeks to ensure that EU policies enable the sustainable production of copper to serve Europe’s future needs.

Contact: Ignacio Gentiluomo, ignacio.gentiluomo@internationalcopper.org, +32 490 42 84 63

24 April 2024

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