For a “Fit for 55” EPBD recast

Position and recommendations on the proposed recast of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD)

The proposed EPBD recast is a steppingstone for buildings’ decarbonisation and European Copper Institute (ECI) recommends considering several improvements to grasp the full potential.


  • Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) are welcomed, and their ambition must be “fit for 55”. A lock-in effect and sub-optimal choices must be avoided to address the large untapped energy efficiency and decarbonisation potential in the building stock and to secure the contribution of buildings to EU’s carbon neutrality, energy efficiency and renewable energy objectives.
  • Mainstreaming the Energy Efficiency First principle requires addressing untapped potential, particularly with heat recovery on domestic hot water (potential of 4.5 Mtoe yearly savings by 2030) and efficient design of non-residential electrical installations (potential of 2.4 Mtoe yearly savings by 2050). We call for considering electrical installations as Technical Building Systems and for including hot water heat recovery into the calculation framework (Annex 1).
  • Improved templates for National Building Renovation Plans (NBRP) and Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) are an excellent opportunity to capture the multiple benefits of holistic renovation. We recommend safeguarding the consideration of electrical installations by ensuring their inspection and linking information about their safety and readiness into EPCs.
  • Strengthened e-mobility requirements, with smart charging and right-to-plug are welcomed. Existing residential and small buildings, including single family houses, are not covered by the proposal. It is therefore important to ask all new charging points to be smart and to provide information, via EPCs, about the readiness of any building for safe EV charging point installation.
  • The calculation of whole life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions must take into account the recyclability and reusability of materials to ensure products used today will not be the waste of tomorrow.


Read the full position paper: Position paper EPBD recast, European Copper Institute, February 2022

Robert Pintér

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